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Nihilo Nihil's OOC Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Nihilo Nihil's OOC Community

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*trips on the welcome mat on the way back in* [25 Dec 2006|05:30pm]

It's Xel/Lanofax. Sorry I disappeared on you guys for a while. College and clinical depression doth eat my soul. But I'm back for good this time. *waves to everyone!*
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[ temporary // H I A T U S ] [14 Oct 2006|09:52pm]

Sorry guys, I know I've been slow posting! College is becoming ridiculously busy with midterms coming up, so I thought I'd post an official hiatus notice... I will DEFINTELY be coming back A.S.A.P., though!! Much love to you guys- I hope you're all well. :)
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[29 Sep 2006|02:27pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Truly, marching band doth eat my soul. 

As the # of practices increase, the time I have on the computer decreases. So...That's why I haven't been around and why I might not be here for a while.


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ZOMG. [14 Sep 2006|11:27pm]

[ mood | amazed! ]

Oh, jesus, you guys. I posted that Xemnas/Saïx ficbit I wrote - the one with the sea salt ice cream and the gay, you know - to xemnas_x_saix, right?

Well, someone over there drew me fanart for it.

You cannot tell me that is not INCREDIBLY HOT.

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:D? [05 Sep 2006|12:11pm]

Due to computer problems, as well as my two greatest sins being pride and greed (I'm too damned proud to pay a computer repairman money to see what the hell is wrong with my computer), I will be unable to do anything. So if this place gets going again (which I hope it does) and I'm being rather quiet, you all know why~

I'm on my grandma's computer now, and I have no idea when I'll get my computer going, so see you all whenever~

I'm BAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaack~!
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[ BRIEF hiatus ] [29 Aug 2006|06:52pm]

Hey guys, I'm moving into my dorm tomorrow, so I probably won't have time to post until a couple days afterwards!! (Apologies to Xylon and Zexion players who are waiting for Lexaeus to reply! >_>;;) Araxi is still waiting on threads (unless Sakki/Callie wants her and Runix to drop into 'Reconnaissance' A.S.A.P.), so it shouldn't make a difference for her...

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A brief, community-wide note and warning [21 Aug 2006|11:46pm]

While I realize that, with the approaching coming of school and ending of everything such as jobs and vacations and otherwise busy things, everybody is slightly frazzled at his point in time, I would like to make note that in the few weeks since I posted the Activity Check, very few of you have actually made any posts.

Many of you are stuck in threads at the moment, waiting on a reply. This is understandable - while we'd like you to be active, if you're trapped in the two-thread maximum, there's very little you can do. Any threads involving characters who have since left the game are considered Finished regardless of their actual status.

If activity does not start up within the next few weeks or so - at least by the middle of September - Ten and I will begin removing characters for inactivity regardless of whether or not you respond to the Activity Checks.
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New Person Yay! [12 Aug 2006|09:15pm]

We'd like to welcome a new player and character into the game.

Xylon (zildjians), a servant to Saïx, is played by Aren.

We look forward to roleplaying with you in the near future!

The contacts, adds, characters and character list pages should all be properly updated by now. If everybody could please check to make sure everything is there properly, that'd be great! Any problems can be e-mailed or left in a comment.
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Well, fuck. [09 Aug 2006|07:17pm]

Remember how I said I'd be back?

Well, because I have to pick up the fucking pieces of not being able to register for school Iwillfuckingmaimgrandma'sbosss... I might not be able to post until I calm the fuck down and otherwise sweep up this nice little fucking mess my grandma's boss made of my life.

I'm back. ...What'd I miss?
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*is a bad bad mod* [03 Aug 2006|12:31am]

Mod #2, Ten, reporting in.

So, I haven't been a very good mod recently. And am continuing to be a bad mod by giving a late notice of hiatus.

I'm heading out on a family trip for a week, starting tomorrow/today (8/3). Internet access is currently unknown, but likely I won't be able to sign on very much. I'm going to be dumping handing over access to my account to Sakki while I'm gone so she can be the awesome mod she is and update all the informational pages as they need to be.

Again, my apologies for being a bad mod and not nearly as active as I should be. Once I get back, I'll stop being a flaky mod (beat me if I don't) and dumping everything on Sakki (SORRY SAKKI).

ALSO. SO I CAN STOP BEING A BAD MOD. Player suggestions? About anything? Should I pimp Xigbar more, what can we do to spark your interests in posting, anything at all?

I'll uh. Screen anonymous comments so people can leave their suggestions without worry of being hunted down by either me, Sakki, or anyone else as well as feel free to say what they really think. I really do want opinions.

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Modly Announcements And Such [02 Aug 2006|10:15pm]

Greetings my fellow roleplayers!

As you're all aware, it's now the beginning of August, and therefore the ending of summer. As such, a good number of us will be returning to school at the end of the month, hopefully freeing up more time to roleplay. I understand that most of you have been inactive because of jobs and vacation time, but once the school year starts up again, I'm hoping everyone will start posting more often.

Due to a lack of activity or notification to either myself or Ten, Case and WO have been removed from the game. Their original characters will be retired and unavailable for further use; Axel will be reopened for applications.

As of now, the current open canon characters are Vexen, Axel, and Marluxia. Original characters are still being accepted, of course.

I will be advertising in various communities this week for NN. If you can also spread word of the RPG to your friends who might be interested, that'd be great!

On that note, I'd like to welcome a new character and a new player to our game! Esprix (razorumbrella), a servant to Demyx, is played by Signs. We look forward to RPing with you!

Remember: The worlds are currently just waiting for people to find them. You may have portals open to other worlds via your characters; please read the related posts if you want to know what I'm talking about.

As always, if any of you have suggestions, complaints, or anything else you feel needs to come to the attention of the moderators, please leave us a comment or send us an e-mail. We want everybody to have fun with Nihilo Nihil, so if something is bothering you, we're more than happy to hear you out and do our best to remedy the situation.
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*meeps* [28 Jul 2006|08:08am]

Ahehe... I'd like to apologise for not being around very much. My life has been owned by work lately, so I've rarely had any free time. While I've been able to drop by the comms, chat escapes me, and my creative juices are hard to get flowing after 10 hours of work. Please just bear with me. I return to school in two and a half weeks, and with it comes the return of my life. I promise, I'll be more active when school starts back up. ^_^;
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Update~! [24 Jul 2006|11:38am]

Hey everyone! I meant to do this sooner, but it looks like my time's just getting more and more split as we speak.;-; I've totally enjoyed playing here and the premise of the game is just so awesome but I don't think I'll be able to devote as much time to Nihilo as would be needed. School and RL are really getting in the way.. as well as -certain- other distractions. >>"

So.. I guess for a while, this is a goodbye, until you guys get a new Marluxia anyway. ;3 Maybe if my timings get fixed, I'll return if you guys haven't found one?

Be well, everyone! Lots of love!
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Delayed, but it's an AC! [16 Jul 2006|06:50pm]

My apologies for not being very present here even after returning from Japan.

As the title states, it's time for another Activity Check - just reply to this post with a comment stating that you and your characters are still around.

Also, Ten and I are trying to determine the future of this RPG. We have ideas of where we're going, but if we're going to have plans for future Plot Events, we need to know that you're all still here and still interested in being part of the RPG. If we know who'll be here and who won't, it'll be easier for us to give you all ample opportunities to roleplay with each other.

Do remember that our intent in Nihilo Nihil is to determine what drove Organization XIII into the events of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 2. We want to delve into the pseudo-personalities and the drives and memories behind the entire Organization - the Servants and Masters alike. We're leaving the interpretations of nearly everything here up to you players; we want you to take what Disney and Squeenix gave us and give it depth.

Xemnas will be making a post shortly that will be essentially discussing the Worlds, and that will open up exploration further. At that point, both Servants and Masters can start discovering worlds through portals that open up at random. Please read the informational post about the Worlds and The World That Never Was for greater detail about all of this.
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As Was Bound To Happen... [13 Jul 2006|11:12pm]

What more could be expected? I swear, I join a place and it dies. *sigh* I know you're all 'gone', but since half of everyone is back and I'm still the only one to post IC in a LONG time... *shakes head*

If ya want to contact me, feel free. I mean, without you people I would have stalled on Couri's background story for far, far, far longer. You don't have to worry about removing me from your friends lists either, because if the place ever actually picks up again I'll swoop back in with more Coruxi fun. Xesmur... I don't know about him. I'll consider it.

I shall miss ya in a majority of the cases, but as I hinted, it was bound to happen. The places I go to that don't die tend to either result in me being 'thrown' out for having disagreements with people, or someone hacks the site. And YES, that has happened.

Well, see ya round. Until whenever I bug you next Case and Amanda and WO. *salute*

~ The Lady of the Phoenix A.k.A. Merc, Coruxi's Player, Hey Kid Move
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[07 Jul 2006|09:46pm]

Apologies for my late return; my computer decided to give me an extended hiatus. But I am back now, whee.

That is all :|
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I am back~ [03 Jul 2006|01:55pm]

...which of course means I'll have to tag Ginga now, woe. >.>; But yes, I am back even though I never really left! :D Effective immediatly, I am available for RP and other Nihilo things, and I will be working on those tags I owe.
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[02 Jul 2006|08:10pm]

Just dropping a note to you all that I'm back.

I missed you all so much. ;_;
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[ another absence, WOEZ. ] [28 Jun 2006|12:53pm]

(Yay solution manuals, WUT.)

*ahem* Anyway.

Like Ten has pointed out, a lot of people are going to be busy around the Fourth of July weekend, myself one of them. (I'll be out for one week starting tomorrow, the 29th!) Not to AX though, unfotunately. ;(

So... See you all in a short while! I'll be sure to miss you guys lots~ ♥
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Mods Hiatusing at the Same Time wut [27 Jun 2006|10:18am]

As some of you may or may not know, I will be attending Anime Expo this weekend and will likely be unavailable from June 30th to July 4th. Consequently, this means Nihilo will be without both its mods for a couple of days (Sakki gets back on the 2nd, but will likely be jetlagged).

Most of our players are taking hiatuses of their own, so I'm hoping this temporary lack of mods won't be so bad. However, if there is anything that you, as the players, want or need from me before I go, please contact me beforehand if possible. If something comes up during my time away, and I mean anything that bothers you, feel free to drop me an email at Nihilo e-mail account (nihilonihilrpg@gmail.com). I'll try to make sure that I check the e-mail everyday when I get back from the con, since I'm commuting (hopefully I won't pass out before hand). However, I likely won't be able to get online for any late night questions.

I apologize if this is an inconvenience for everyone anyone, but it'll only be a couple of days and hopefully the world won't explode while Sakki and I are gone. Feel free to continue with your threads in the meantime (field trips to Twilight Town are fun) and when Sakki and I are both back (and a lot of our players IS THERE SOME SORT OF CONSPIRACY GOING ON OR SOMETHING), we'll be able to get back into full activity.
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